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LDR = acute stress

LDR = acute stress

“Dutch and Danish researchers presenting at the 10 Equitation Science conference currently underway in Edinburgh, Scotland, have found that compared to other head and neck positions, horses ridden in hyperflexion, or “low deep and round” are likely to be exposed to higher levels of physiological stress.”
“We found that the increase in salivary cortisol concentrations from baseline were significantly higher after 10 minutes of riding in the hyperflexed position than the increases observed in the competition head position or with the loose frame. Cortisol is known as the ‘stress’ hormone and increased cortisol concentrations are routinely used to quantify stress responses in animal welfare studies.”

Je kan de abstract (de korte inhoud) hier downloaden (pdf).

Wat iedereen al lang kon zien staat nu op papier: ’t is niet goed voor een paard. Of het iets zal veranderen? Mag ik pessimistisch zijn? ’t Zal wel zoiets worden als “ja maar, dat zijn maar Deense ruiters, wat weten die er nu van.”



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