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The purpose of this part of the site is to give an overview of links to interesting research on horse behavior. It’s a subjective endeavour in a search for answers on things that interest me personally and support me at my teachings, without pretending to be complete.
If you want sites where they DO try to have it all, check the page on research portals. If you however were merely looking for an introduction, maybe start with this outstanding article on “A review of the human-horse relationship“(pdf).

There are a lot of myths out there in the horse sports world, and researchers are trying to answer most frequently asked questions, sometimes with surprising results. It is true that the setup of some of the research projects may seem inadequate to you, but if there has been more research around the same topic, they have been grouped – the least you will find after checking them all, is a tendency. Going through the abstracts will teach you as much about how research is performed as about the answers.
Some papers you will find twice because of their double relevance; for instance the paper on how crib-biting impairs learning is listed under “influences on learning” as well under “stereotypies”. More often though papers might be out of place under the heading you’ll find them; you can safely blame my inadequacies for making apt choices.

Although the navigation of this site is in Dutch, all papers listed here are in English. Use the search function at the right – “zoeken”.

The links often are DOI’s, especially when linking to Elsevier. If the link takes you to a page that was removed or doesn’t make sense, you still can find it: what is a doi?how to resolve a doi.
Sometimes you might get lucky: some of these papers are freely and fully accessible. If possible, the link leads you straight to the pdf; if not you might still find a link on the page towards a full text. If a link doesn’t work anymore, please let me know so i can restore it.

Know of papers that are missing here? There must be plenty! Please inform us, so we can build this into a valuable tool for every horse handler, trainer, owner.


De papers op deze site zijn in het Engels, omdat abstracts van research papers in het Engels worden gepubliceerd. Wil je iets vinden in dit deel, dan zal je dus ook in de zoekfunctie Engelse woorden moeten intikken. Kan je niet zo goed Engels, gebruik dan de online vertalingsmotor van Google: plak gewoon de url van de pagina in het vertaalvenster.
Ken je onderzoeken die hier ontbreken, ook dan graag een seintje.

Lees ook deze blog-entry over waarom niet alle links naar pdfs verwijzen.