Ik ben twee zielen…

This old dog is still digging for fresh bones.

Ik ben m’n eigen kleine bedrijf in illustratie, grafische vormgeving en website design, met een bijzondere interesse in game design en gamification. Ik hou van heldere, bijna roekeloze kleuren en tekst die niet bang is om zichzelf te presenteren als grafisch element. Als die twee niet beperkt worden door een commerciële briefing (“kan het logo niet groter?”) ontploffen ze in wilde illustraties zo klein als een dode vogel of zo groot als een plafond.
De laatste tijd focus ik me weer meer op het creëren van illustratie en artwork, eerder dan op CMYK en HTML.

This old horse is always grazing for more ethics.

Ik ben een trainer, instructeur, coach, denker en schrijver over gedrag, motivatie, cognitie, research en de ethologie van paarden. Ik probeer een beter leven voor paarden te maken, gebaseerd op de principes van clickertraining en game design. En hoewel er niks zo uitdagend is als games bedenken voor paarden (en hun ruiters), heeft het wel degelijk een verandering helpen veroorzaken in de manier waarop paarden getraind worden. Het is een snel groeiende niet-gewelddadige manier om paarden te motiveren, maar het meest verrassende is misschien nog wel dat ik een heleboel heb geleerd over het uitleggen van moeilijke dingen aan mensen.

…in vijf kleuren.

ik als kunstenaar

Art on Everything(e)

ik als vormgever


ik als denker

ik als schrijver

Grondwerk, Rijwerk en Denkwerk

ik als lesgever


Looking for new adventures!

Author, designer, illustrator and publisher of ‘Rijwerk’ (ISBN 9789082003413)

After a century of haphazard cooperations and organisations of demos, fairs and courses, finally gathers an official team of 8 Belgian and Dutch horse instructors and starts up the ClickerAcademie | Developer+producer of live and online courses, gamification for education, social media & marketing | Gains extra skill points for handling Dutch people | Midjourney, MailChimp and some Figma

Leaving my daughter’s horeca adventures behind (phew!), returning to art & horses.

Oh joy! New job: door-to-door delivery for 42Brasso during the corona lockdown | Learns the importance of clearly visible house numbers

First real outdoor graffiti, for the fun of it (Boomsesteenweg Wilrijk) – “When life gives you lemons, trade them for a goat” | Starts teaching clicker training courses at Odisee

Fuse, Mixamo, and a little bit of Animate

Startup helper of daughter’s restaurant 42Brasso and café 42Saga | Management, interior design, print, social & multimedia, administration yet also supply management, waitress, commis, sous-chef, dishwasher | Both Art & Horses stuffs take a backseat to the development of various horeca skills

Author, producer, publisher Theory of Fun international online course

Completes ‘Introduction to Psychology’, University of Toronto

Completes ‘Gamification’ course, Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Learns Prezi, which is fun for a while | Author/designer/illustrator/publisher book ‘Denkwerk’ (ISBN 9789082003406)

Discovers Runescape. Hooked to online gaming ever since | Starts teaching “Training Psychology of the Horse’’ course at Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen and Limburg

Author, designer, illustrator, publisher “Grondwerk met Paarden” (ISBN 9090190740)

Contributor ‘Horse Training’ to ‘Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior’, Marc Bekoff (ISBN 0-313-32747-5) | Discovers WordPress CMS. Hallelujah!

Drags herself through the basics of Drupal CMS. It’s no fun whatsoever.

Goes vegetarian (ikr. But can’t teach the ethical training of horses, then eat them.)

Independent graphic designer under the name of CrèmeBrûlée | First steps in Premiere Pro | Grudgingly switches from Apple to PC.

Real cool fireworks in Antwerp. Computers somehow don’t die | Switches from QuarkXPress to Indesign | English levels up to 4.0

Creative Director at ADH Advertising | Discovers CSS (doesn’t understand much of it until WordPress happens) | PowerPoint. Like everything from Microsoft back then it’s Extremely Boring. | The horse half is going international (lessons, seminars, clinics, demo’s and lectures in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and UK)

Macromedia Fireworks (for a while) | Gets an iMac and an illegal copy of Dreamweaver | Download of Tom Ryckeboer, first and last and thus the best son of all of them

Macromedia Flash/Actionscript (It makes sites come alive! It’s amazingly fun! It makes sites hugely inefficient!) | Quicktime happens and thus also the first editing of movieclips

Creative Director Flamingo (Graphic Zoo) (NMBS, KMDA, Danone, b2b) | First web designs (written in html, but oh well) | Acquires an Apple PowerPC.

Drives home with a modem and floppydisc on which ‘the Internet’

Freelance Art Director in team with VIP copywriter Hugo Wambacq for Walter Thompson, McCann-Erickson, LDV , Leo Burnett, Publicis, CAT etc. for Coca-Cola, Iglo, Toyota, Het Nieuwsblad, Bobbejaanland, KMDA (Zoo & Planckendael), NMBS…

Art Director LVH/Alliance, Brussels on King, Melitta, Zoo Antwerpen/Planckendael, NMBS… until merger with Publicis | Mad Men Diplomatic Slalomming Skills 2.0, French 3.0 | Downloads Saskia Ryckeboer, wait what? Yet another daughter!

Freehand out, Adobe Illustrator in | Downloads Marijke Ryckeboer, daughter v2.0

Junior art director, later art director at Koncept Advertising, Mechelen | Marie Thumas (now Bonduelle), Ford, Solo, Marie-Jo, Westtoerisme, Milkana, Ovam…

Downloads Linde, daughter v1.0

Quark XPress | Microsoft launches Windows. It sucks, compared to Apple.

PageMaker (yes, I’m that old) | First cat | First (and last, and meanwhile not anymore) husband

Independent graphic designer | First bank loan | First Apple Macintosh | First fax machine | Rapid leveling of Coffee Magic and ‘Ignore 50 yo’s Male Businessmen Innuendo’.

Acquires Master in Arts degree (with distinction) | Acquires Teaching Competence D-degree at St. Lucas-Paviljoen Antwerp

Drops acquired beer & cigarette skills in exchange for red wine skills

Starts Graphic Design & Illustration at St Lucas-Paviljoen Antwerp | First level driving skills | First New Wave/Punk outfit

Architecture at Antwerp Academy (HAIR) | Fails first level twice but acquires important life skills such as using red peppers in spaghetti, drawing straight lines in ink and performing ‘interestingly’ at an early Rock Rally with a B52-like band, ‘interestingly’ being the key word here | Reaches Dutch 5.0, French 2.0, English 2.0, German v1.0

Basics of BASIC (which was basically based back then on Fortran)

First music cassette Deep Purple (hence the concept ‘youthful errors’)

Starts Latin-Sciences and Nun Avoidance Skills at St Ursula, Wilrijk

Straight to Advanced Chocolate skills v5

Acquires basic horse riding & advanced falling skills

Acquires basic bike riding/swimming skills, though fails flying repeatedly

Acquires basic walking skills & Dutch 0.1

Discovery phase | Onboarding | Tutorial levels startup