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The Carrot Sessions

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The Carrot Sessions

Unique Ideas for Unique Horses

Don’t Panic!

This site is in Dutch. I know, right? The Carrot Sessions, however, are in English.
You’ll get a welcome mail in Dutch, because, you know: you’re in virtual Belgium now, the Flemish speaking part that is (ain’t the world wide web amazing?). You won’t get any further Dutch mails other than the practical automated stuff regarding your order.
A few days before the actual webinar, you’ll get an English-language mail with the practical info on how to join the webinar. You’ll get a second mail, in English, one or two days after the webinar, about where to rewatch the webinar.


OCTOBER 13, 2022 – 19:30 CET – uniquely PETER

The webinar

A closer look at the timing of the bridge stimulus and how we can create stronger behaviour
The use of the clicker or the whistle is an entirely topic in itself. How can we get the most out of it? Peter delves deep into how this tool actually works, and how a few simple ideas can make sure our animals achieve goals faster and better.
Perfect timing, at the exact right moment assures that we keep every component of a behavior strong. When the animal thoroughly understands every component of a behavior, improving the behaviors will be a lot easier.
Many trainers think their animal understands their click, but is that really so?



Peter Giljam is not a horse trainer, but exactly that’s why we can get some unique insights from his stories. Peter is the owner of Zoospensefull, and has been working in animal behavior for over 18 years. Peter worked in different countries and traveled all around the world for workshops, conferences and consults.
A leader in behaviour modification and team communication for animal care professionals, Peter and his partners  work with zoological collections and animal facilities across the world to improve team performance, training systems and animal welfare, using positive reinforcement.



Pick ‘Peter Giljam’ under “Date and Instructor” – then click “enroll this course now”.

the level

This is not for those who get bewildered looks when they hear the words “positive reinforcement”, obviously. That doesn’t mean you need to have a poster of Susan Friedman above your bed either. But if you want to travel ever further on this quest for the Holy Grail of having True Fun with your horse (and more importantly: of him having fun with you), then you Must Be There.

the format

Usually it’s a webinar. My victim-of-the-month gives a 2 hr webinar of some sorts, and after that there is plenty of time for your questions.
Sometimes it’s just a chat with questions and (hopefully!) answers.
It’s always on Zoom, usually on a Thursday evening, starting at 19 PM CET and ending two to three hours later. Find what time that is in your own timezone here.
The webinar is being recorded and available for two more weeks after that, so if you can’t be there at Le Moment Suprème itself, you still can catch up. That’s the general idea at least; it also depends on what my guest likes, so it may differ. Always check the individual webinar info.

zoom info

When you subscribe, you’ll get a mail with a link to the ZoomRoom (is that a word?) a few days before the webinar. When it’s time for the webinar, you click that link. Tadaaa! You’re in.
If you never Zoomed before, you may have to download some small stuff first so that your computer or phone knows how to talk to the ZoomLord.


English is these days’ lingua franca, so prepare for a wealth of kitchen-English variations. There will be some English and American people with the right accents in all the right places, but mostly there’s the rest of the world, which gets explicit extra attention from me in these Carrot Sessions. 


35,-* euro per Carrot Session. That’s the fixed price. So for some of those lesser known people I’ll have to cross my heart that you’ll be interested in listening to him/her even when you don’t know their name that well. I’ve picked them carefully because even when you may not know their names, they really know how to explain stuff and have neat ideas.
Other big names will get guaranteed enough people just because of who they are, but their fees usually are more, uhm, challenging in an upwards direction, so I’ll still have to cross my heart that etc etc.

Just do it. Enroll! Help me get my sleep at night.

SO why this again? so MANY PEOPLE I WANT TO HEAR FROM!

It was 1996 or so when I met Alexandra Kurland online – back when the Internet was a shiny new adventure, with no facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. Just mailing lists, like Rec.Equestrian and Horsemanship-L. I read what she wrote, and it all sounded great, but I couldn’t get my head around it. That happened only when I met Kayce Cover, a Zoo animal trainer who was therefore able to give me enough distance from the horse world. When I could start seeing the Big Picture behind it, I could finally let go of my prejudices against clicker training.
Of course I did meet Alex “for real” after that, a few times even. I also met way more clicker people after that – some who were there already before me (like Shawna Karrash), some who came way after me (people who weren’t born yet when I cut up my first carrot to go experiment with my horse Gazelle). I learned from more Zoo people like, of course, Ken Ramirez and Ted Turner and Todd Feucht and then there were all those people at Clicker Expo’s.
It also was the start of a collection of books on behavior, from Ariely to Sapolsky.
My learning never stopped.
And now there’s a whole new generation coming up.

I still want to learn. I want to talk to everyone; those who are well-known, and those who are lesser-known. I want to hear their ideas, their wordings, their anecdotes – whether it’s all wild and chaotic and emotional or neatly structured in razor-sharp training plans.

So this is my personal effort to hear them out.
They picked the topic and the format. I get the coffee.
Come sit with us at our Zoom-table.

people who are already on my victim list

So below are the people who already said “yes, let’s do it!”. That doesn’t mean we’re all set yet. Still need a fixed date and set a definite topic or the need to agree on a fee that doesn’t give me a heart attack, but the general intent is there. Keep an eye on this page for more info.

  • September 15: Karolina Westlund (SE) – Resolving Challenging Behaviour: a Framework
  • October 13: Peter Giljam (NL) – A closer look at the timing of the bridging stimulus and how we can create stronger behaviour through it
  • November 17: Eva Bertilsson & Angelica Hesselius (SE) – Exploring session structure: pause mode, starts and exits
  • December 15: Alexandra Kurland (US) -.tbd


  • January 12: Eduardo Fernandez (US) – Training as enrichment
  • February: Sandra Poppema
  • March:  Inge Teblick (BE) – Game Design for Riders: Supermario Training
  • April 13: Karoline Westlund – (topic follows)


Past carrot sessions

  • April 24 2022, Michaela Hempen – Training the Cross-Over Horse
  • May 12 2022: Rachel Bedingfield (UK) – The 5 C’s of Blissful Horsemanship
  • June 7 2022: Shawna Karrasch (US) – Teaching Focus and Impulse Control
  • August 18 2022: Janneke Koekhoven (NL) – Changing your Horse’s Mind
Start On 15 September 2022
Duration 2 to 3 hrs
Level Intermediate
Price 35.00 incl. BTW

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